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Tech & Info
Bicycle Parts Definitions on Wikipedia
Bicycling Wiki
Battery Cross Reference Chart (PDF)
Battery Cross Reference Chart (HTML)
Bicycle Clothing Information
Bicycle Fitting Graphics
The Bicycle Forest (all shapes and sizes)
Bicycle Part Language Translation
Bike Lugs (Kirk Pacenti Cycle Design)
Bike Parking Racks
The Bike Tool (Easy Hand)
Broken Bike Bits from Pardo
Campagnolo Ergopower with Shimano 9-Speed

Chain/Cog Wear Description
Chain/Cog Wear Description from Sheldon Brown
Chain/Cog Wear Description from Pardo
Chain Suck in a Nutshell
Crank Lenth Measurement
Cycle Dynamics Titanium Cogs and Chainrings
Cyclometer Calibration Table
Fender Flaps      Why use a Fender Flap?
Fork Trail (steering geometry): Articles: 1   2    Calculators: 1     2
Fixed Gear Tire Skid Spots Courtesy Denny Trimble
Fixed Gear with Vertical Drop-Outs
Frame Design (CAD) Program
Front Shock Air-Oil Settings
27" / 700C Gear Chart
Gear Calculator (Sheldon Brown's)
Henry James Lugs
Hippie Tech Suspension
How Bicycles Work (a very cool site!)
How to adjust index shifting.
How to boot a tire.
How to box a bike.
How to buy a bicycle.
How to choose a car rack. We do not recommend roof racks!
Roof Racks lower your MPG and you WILL drive under something eventually, ripping your bike off the top of your car.
How to fold a tire.
How to install a tire or fix a flat.
How to learn to ride a bike!
How to tape handlebars.
Jim Langley
Measurement Conversions
Paterek DOS Frame Design Program
Pedal Magic Teach riding with out training wheels!
Periodic Table of the Elements
Road Frame Fatigue Test
Schwinn Serial Number Links: 1 2 3
Seatpost Size Database (Sheldon Brown's)
Sheldon Brown Tech Articles
Shift Mate An awesome product!
Shimano Bottom Bracket Right-Side Chain Line Factors
Shimano Component Chronology
Shimano Group Overview
Shimano Technical Information (Aaron's bench is the banner picture!)
Sturmey Archer Heritage
Talc in tires?
Tire pressure chart
Timeline of Bikes and Parts Cool website!
Tire Pressure Chart
Tire & Rim Size Charts: 1   2   3
Weight Weenies (component weights)
Why Cycle? (impartial advice)

Report a Pothole Form
PDF Format
Online Form

Bicycle Advocacy
Bikes out-number cars!

Bicycle History Sites
Rob Van der Plas Publications
International Bicycle Fund
The Bicycle Museum of America
Six Day Bicycle Racing
United States Bicycling Hall of Fame
Six Day Bicycle Race

Bike Culture & Love
Alternative Needs Transportation
Atomic Zombie
'Bent Ride Online
Bicycle (the Band)
Bicycle Business UK
Bicycle Climbs
Bicycle Data
Bicycle Fixation
Bicycle Safe
Bicycle Universe
Bicycling Guitarist
Bicycling Life
Bicycling Life
Bicycling Magazine
Bike Cafe
Bike Fix
Bike Forums
Bike Hugger
Bike Love
Bike Map
Bike Mojo
Bike Parade
Bike Pirates
Bike Portland
Bike Ride
Bike Rides
Bike Rod & Kustom
Bike Seattle
Bike Sexual
Bike To Work
Bike to Work Day
Bike Trails
Bike Works NYC (
Bikekulture (Old Bike Art)
Bikes At Work
C.H.U.N.K 666
Campy Only
Car-Free Freemont
Cascade Bicycle Club
Chainring Tattoos
Club MTB
Cool Bicycle Quotes
Cranked Magazine
Critical Mass (Seattle)
Critical Mass (World Wide Info)
Cyber Cyclery
Cycles de Oro
Cycling with Kids
Dead Baby Bikes
Dirt World
Dog Scootering
DWI (David Wilson Industries)
Fixed Gear Gallery
Fixed Magazine
Fossil Fool
Ghost Cycle (bicycle crash info database)
Graham Watson Photography
Human Powered Vehicles
iheartbikes Magazine/Journal
Ken Kifer
Laura Domela Great Amsterdam picture book: Fietsen
Legway Wonder Vehicle
Memory Lane Classics
Merry Saddles
Messenger World Championships
Metal Cowboy
Microcosm Publishing Cheap Stickers
MTB Review
MTB Zone
National Bicycle Greenway
North America HandBuilt Bicycle Show
North Shore Mountain Biking ( e-magazine)
Old Bike Posters
Old Bike Swap Meet Info
Old Skool Track
Oregon Cycling
Rat Bikes
Rat Rod Bikes
Retro Image Apparel
Road Cycling
Science of Cycling
Seattle Bike Expo
Seattle Bike Swap
Shift To Bikes
Speed 101
Steel Coffin
Sweet Bike
The Bikery
Think Small
Tony's Trailers
Tour de Fat
Unreal Cycles
Velo Vision
Via Bicycle
Vintage Bicycle Press Publishers of Vintage Bicycle Quarterly
We Ride Bikes
Wooden Bicycles in East Africa
World Carfree Network (World Carfree Day)
Yeti Fan
Zoo Bomb

Bike Schools
Barnett Bicycle Institute
Bike Works
Cycle University
Fit Kit School
United Bicycle Institute

Customer's & Friend's Websites
Well Seattle     Padme Grace
Alki Foundry     Hahn Rossman
Quid-Nunc     Bill Hibler
Grand Illusion Cinema     Guerren Marter     William Wittmann, M.Ed., LMP BodyTherapist & Life Coach

Craig's List
Seattle DIY

West Seattle Links
Admiral Theatre
Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association
Chamber of Commerce
Longfellow Creek
Metro Buses
Real Time Metro Bus Arrivals
Morgan Community Association (MoCA)
Outside Connection
(cool weather info)
Riverview Trail Improvement Project
Sound Transit
Time of Day (US Navy Atomic Clock)
West Seattle Bike Routes
West Seattle Blog
West Seattle Herald
Vashon Ferry

Useful Organizations, NGOs, Etc.
Bicycle Alliance of Washington
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
Climate Soulutions
Earth Policy Institute
Limit your Junk Snail Mail !!
Lost In Seattle Find a businesses
The Mobility Education Foundation
USA Cycling
Warm Showers
Washington Bike Law Bob Anderton Lawyer

Bicycling in Washington
Bikes on Buses
Seattle Department ofTransportation (formerly SEATRAN)
Seattle Elected Officials
King County Helmet Law
Street Maintenance Request Form
Seattle Parks
Zip Code Look Up

Calories Burned Cycling

Bikestation Seattle

West Seattle Camber

Bicycling Magazine

National Bike Registry

Fit Kit

Einstein on a Bike

Outside Connection


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