How to box a bicycle
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WE HAVE BIKE BOXES FOR $10 (box kit includes plastic bits for the fork, wheels, stem, etc.)
We also have plenty of used inner tubes as ties. They work great and are re-useable for other things.

Serfas Hard Case Instruction Sheet.

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Tools required:

1. Pick a correct sized box for the bicycle - a little too big is better than too small. Avoid boxes that are torn, creased or just worn out.

2. Tape up the bottom!! It's often overlooked, but by the time bike boxes get to us, most are barely holding together down below.

3. Pad the tubes! Wrap the frame tubes in bubble wrap, foam or cardboard. Wrap top, down and seat tubes, and all four stays. Tape or zip tie padding securely (twice should do).

4. Protect sharp edges to keep them from piercing through the bicycle box. Each service department should have a collection of plastic plugs, braces and widgets collected from incoming stock bikes. The plastic brace for the front fork is probably the most important precaution taken to keep the front dropouts from piercing the box and dragging across every loading dock and truck bed they encounter. Also inportant are: Plug for seat tube, for front wheel axle and covers for the stem quil/wedge.

If you would like us to box your bike, then just bring it by anytime. No appointment is neccessary, we do it while you wait, BUT PLEASE CALL FIRST TO MAKE SURE WE HAVE A BOX! If we don't you can pick one up at most bike shops for a small fee or sometimes free!