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The Spoke-n-Wrench
Issue 2                                                           Fall/Winter '99-'00

Sign up now for fall bicycle repair classes starting mid-October.

      Parents are keeping their kids off the streets because of concerns are over safety and traffic. However,riding a bike is safer than playing baseball! It is better for your heart (and eyes!) than playing on the computer and it decreases the cars on the road, improving traffic. bike kids
       Back in the '60's & '70's, when we were kids, everyone rode to school. Now there might be one bike in the bike rack at a school of 1000 kids! Part of the reason so many kids don't ride is the current economic boom. Gas is cheap and there are plentiful part-time jobs that allow teenagers to afford cars. Who wants to ride when they can drive?
      I Do! Riding a bike is a blast! Getting someplace under your own power is very fulfilling. You can go three times farther than walking on the same calories. All this, and no pollution.
       Just look at Lance Armstrong or Greg LeMond to see what is possible with a bike. Cycling is so easy to do, yet is one of the hardest sports.
      America has more bikes per person than China where it is the principal vehicle. Get back on a bike America!

Coloring Contest
Win a free Raleigh bike! Boys or Girls, you choose. Stop by ABR for an Official Entry Form. Entries are open to kids age 5 to 11 and will be judged by a panel of five local community members.
Entry deadline is December 16, 2000.
Drawing must include a bicycle!

ABR Expands
      Early this spring Aaron's Bicycle Repair (ABR) renovated and expanded the shop. The full service shop now carries Raleigh bicycles and sells a more complete line of parts and accessories. We carry clothing and shoes and will carry the full line of Cannondale clothing by spring.
      The shop now has two repair benches with two full time mechanics, Chad Palmer and Aaron Goss. "Lead times are way down and volume is up." says Aaron, owner of ABR. Your bike can usually be in and out in one or two days. In the heat of the summer, though, appointments are recommended. "We always leave room in the schedule for the emergency repair."
      ABR also offers the Fit Kit and custom bike fitting. Gypsie is our new women's bike fit expert. Aaron fits the men to their bikes. If you need a professional coach contact Craig Undem.

Seattle Bicycle Maps Still Unavailable!
      The city has run out of its color bike maps! As soon as they are printed again ABR will have them to hand-out free. They are an excellent source for routes, bike laws, bikes-on-buses and local bike info.

MARCH 2000 UPDATE: These maps have been reprinted! Pick up your FREE copy today at the shop!

BMX News
      As you may know, Circle 8, West Seattle's greatest dirt jumping place, was bulldozed! There still are some other places to jump like the lot behind Hollywood Video and Bonair but they are not that big of an area.
      Well get this: they just finished some underground pipe construction on the Brandon Street right-of-way. All the bushes are gone and the dirt is clean and smooth........just waiting for some shovels to make some jumps and trails. The section of Brandon runs from 30th SW to 32nd SW and is on a hill so big air would be possible! This is public property so no one can kick you off!
      Just remember to keep anyplace you ride clean and neat. Don't litter or smoke and wear a helmet and you will get a lot more respect. Be polite to anyone you see and you will not have many problems.

MARCH 2000 UPDATE: City Jumps (the jumps near Hollywood Video) are still developing. Please keep the place clean and maybe the city will let them stay! The Brandon Steet right-of-way is too muddy for winter jumping. A new area called Circle 6 has been created just above the old Circle 8 jumps. The reason Circle 8 was bulldozed was because someone dug a ditch that was causing drainage problems for the neighbors. DIG NO DITCHES! Just jumps!

Comfort Guaranteed Seat Policy
      When you buy a seat from ABR it is guaranteed to be comfortable or you can exchange if for a different model for up to 30 days after your purchase. You can keep doing this as long as it takes to get comfortable. All we ask is that the seat be kept like new during your test ride.

On Books and Bicycles
      Do you know that Aaron's Bicycle Repair shop has a great library of books on bicycling that you can borrow? The collection includes books on bicycle history, commuting, repair guides, massage, fitness, touring, travel guides, and more.
       On a recent visit to the shop, I borrowed Willie Weir's book, Spokesongs:Bicycle Adventures on Three Continents. Willie Weir is an actor and a traveler, who has found travel by bicycle to be book cover the best way to see new places and meet new people. Spokesongs, published in 1997, is a collection of short tales about his bicycle travels through India, South Africa, and the Balkans. These vignettes are well-written, with a sense of adventure, humor, compassion, and respect for the cultures he experiences by connecting with people as he cycles through their homelands.
      I enjoyed Spokesongs so much that I bought a new copy from ABR as a Christmas gift for my brother. With all the choices beckoning to me as an avid reader and bike commuter, it was hard to choose which book to borrow next from the ABR library! Thanks, Aaron, for providing this resource for the West Seattle community.
      If you would like to borrow a library book, be prepared to pay a refundable deposit by cash or check, to return the book within one week, and don't forget plastic bags to keep your book dry in your bike bag!

Commute by Bike
      As all true Seattlites know, it really doesn't rain that much here, it's just grey most of the time! Most of the 37.19 inches of annual rainfall we get is drizzle, mist or showers. There are plenty of dry (damp) days throughout the winter just perfect for cycling.
      ABR has all the things you need to make your commute comfortable and enjoyable. The basic necessities are, in order of imprtance: Lights, Helmets, Fenders, Warm Clothing, Racks, Bags, Eyewear, Mirrors and a Comfortable Seat. We stock a wide selection of these items and can special order anything we donÍt.
      Washington law requires bikes out from one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise be equipped with a solid white light in front, visible from 500 feet and a red rear reflector visible from 600 feet in the low beams of a car. All the lights and reflectors at ABR meet these reqirements. A red blinking light is also a good idea but is not required by law.
      All of the staff at ABR rides their bikes to work, so we know firsthand the products that work best. Our mehanics can winterize you bike for trouble free commuting. Any bike that is used every day should have all the bearings repacked at least once a year. Bring your bike by for a complete no cost estimate.
      The benifits of bike commuting are reduced stress, a better mindset when you get to work, no pollution, saving money and you get your daily workout without having to go see "Jim".

See our new page on bicycle commuting GO!

Want to try a Tri?
Come to a one night clinic on how to get prepared for the Danskin Women's Triathlon. Training info-pack provided. Tri Women
Tuesday, February 29, 2000
Wednesday, March 8, 2000
Time : 7 to 9 PM
Cost : $10
Presentation by Gypsie Goss (gypsie@rideyourbike.com)
Class size limited to 10 people

Update: These classes were a huge success! Call the shop to get on the list for the next one.

Help Wanted
No bike shop experience necessary! Will train! Women, especially, encouraged to apply. Must LOVE bikes and ride to work. Medical Insurance, Employee Discounts and many other benefits. If you want to earn top wages and work in a cool retro-modern bike shop, email cover letter and resume' to aaron@rideyourbike.com or stop by the shop Thursday thru Monday, ask for Aaron.

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