Join Us!

These trails are on Maury Island proper, connected to Vashon Island by an isthmis. You will probably want to drive there because it is 12 miles from the Vashon/Fauntleroy ferry dock. A bit of a ride but doable. The trails are very challenging with lots of technical singletrack and some rickety 'Noth Shore' style sky bridges built. Better stay off most of them! Most of the knarly, fun stuff is in the internal area. The perimeter has fire roads and double track. Don't miss the view of Tacoma and Mt. Rainier at the cliff view point overlooking Puget Sound. Plan on spending 3 hours here plus half hour each way to drive to the ferry and maybe some time for lunch in the little town of Vashon and you have a 6 hour event. We do this ride some Sundays, we leave the shop around 6 AM in order to be back to open at noon. Call us to get on the email list to join us.

Locator Map: