Aaron Goss

Rides: Customized Rivendell Bleriot, Xtracycle (actually a Surly Big Dummy), Cannondale CAAD 5 Custom USA road bike, Colnago Tall Bike

Commute to work: 6 blocks!

Favorite bike part: Internally Geared Hubs

Favorite animal: Dog or Chicken

Favorite food: Avocado

Worst ride moment: Anytime riding with cold feet or hands!

Best ride moment: Riding up hill coming out of the fog with the waning crecent moon on the eastern horizon

Aaron has been working on bikes since 1976. He REALLY loves bikes and thinks they can solve our transportaion and environmental woes. He has lived in the Pacific Northwest all his life (Portland and Seattle). He graduated high school in 1984 in Oregon City, Oregon. After working as a bar back and a convenience store clerk he finally got his first bike shop job at Strawberry Bike Shop in Portland in 1987. Afterthat he worked at Montlake Bicycle Shop, Alki Bicycle Company and was a partner in Vashon Island Bicycles. He opened his own shop in 1997.