Xtracycle* Cargo Bike Coffee Ride

Novmeber 25th, 2005 at 11 AM [aka Buy Nothing Day]

* Because Val's Xtracycle was being repaired and we now include all cargo bikes!

Meet at All City Coffee in Georgetown.           Here are some pictures from our last ride to get you motivated!

Now how in the heck do we not buy anything? First of all the main thing to 'protest' is the use of gasoline and cars and by riding bikes we automatically do that. However, this is not a protest ride, just a fun ride. We will be leading by example that one can have fun without cars and trucks but the main focus here is fun and enjoying the bicycle. So if we buy something (like coffee) so be it.

That said, Let's all bring our own coffee! Bring your camp stove, your hand held coffee grinders, your coffee pots, your French presses, your tea kettles, etc. No one will cry fowl if you buy coffee at anyone of Seattle's thousand coffee cafe's.

Here is our planned route: http://tinyurl.com/d7957      Only 13 miles!

We start in Georgetown then ride across Beacon Hill and thru the Rainier Vally to Seward Park where we can stop and make our own coffee. Then north along Lake Washington to the I-90 Bike Tunnel and into downtown. The plan is to be downtown in time for lunch and the Box Car Bikes parade. Later that evening at 5:30 PM at Westlake Plaza is the monthly Critical Mass Ride.

If you don't know what an Xtracycle is then click here or go to Xtracycle.com This ride is not just for Xtracyclers. All bikers, cyclists, riders and passengers are invited! This ride is all about the usefullness of the bicycle. Cargo hauling is THE key feature of the Xtracycle and since it is still a bicycle it is very fun to ride!

The ride ended up being the rainiest day of November! We cut the ride short because everyone was cold and tired. We made it to Sewared Park and had cowboy coffee courtesy of Val. The turn-out was low but fun. Look for our next ride in 2006.

Our previous ride