The Xtracycle

An important message from Kipchoge Spencer, co-founder of Xtracycle.

is by far the most useful bike product to come out in years. You can carry just about anything, even people! Think of it as a bicycle pick-up truck. Hauling groceries is EASY, 6 Bags no problem!

The Free Radical attachment fits most 26" mountain bikes (or 700C bikes with brake adaptor). The Free Radical Kit comes with all that is needed (cables, chain, etc.) to attach to most any 7 or 8 speed (in the rear) drivetrain bike with linear pull (V) brakes. Bikes with 5 or 6 speeds in the rear will need some modification or upgrades and 9 speed bikes will need a different chain than comes with the kit.. Older bikes might need a new rear brake as the Free Radical only works with V-Brakes or Disc Brakes. V-brakes with an adaptor will work with most standard old brake levers. The Xtracycle attachments were designed with customization and do-it-yourselfers in mind. Check out the XtraMotorcycle!


Xtracycles that Aaron's Bicycle Repair, Inc. stocks:
Big Dummy
Dreadnought 2

Rent an Xtracycle before you buy!

If you want to build you own Xtracycle here is our

Suggested Parts List

Why don't we stock the Radish?

Front End Lontail Geometry Comparison

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Gypsie's New Xtracycle

The Free Radical (Xtracyle attachment) is a kind of hitchless bicycle trailer. It converts your existing bike into a cargo hauling machine. It is more manuverable and more fun to ride than using a trailer. This product holds one of the keys to helping humanity move away from our dependance on oil while having a blast!

If you are thinking of hauling cargo read this brochure from the SF Bike Coalition.

Check out the one we donated to the Bicycle Alliance of Washington's 2002 Auction. We also donated one to Bike Works for their 2005 Fundraising Auction.

If you already own an Xtracycle then please join the Yahoo group Roots Radicals where we can share ideas. Here is a great users page: Car Free Days.

Our friend Todd at Clever Cycles built an integrated Bike/Free Radical called the Xtravois. He also markets an electric assist motor called the Stokemonkey. Aaron, Gypsie and Braxton visited Todd in Portland in May of 2005. Here are the Pictures of the Trip. We did not use a car at all!

If you need a battery for your electric assist we recommend the LiFePO4 from Ping Battery .

Another cool product that goes reallly with the Xtracycle is the Down Low Glow from Rock The Bike formerly Fossil Fool.

If you would like to use your Rohloff hub on your Xtracycle, we can drill it for 48 spokes. we are the only place to get it done. This dramatically increases the durability of the rear wheel for serious, worry free load hauling. While this technically voids the warranty of the hub, we have not seen any problems. 32 spokes require extra high tension and can cause the flange to break. A replacement hub shell is only a couple hundred bucks, but goes with the hassle of having to rebuild your wheel.

We now have one in our rental fleet for you to test out.

Do you find your Xtracycle hard to load large packages or lumber? You need a center stand. The late Val Kleitz, of The Bikesmith, and The Rolling Jackass invented the best one.

Rolling Jackass Xtracycle/Big Dummy/ Center Stand by Val Kleitz


Made in Seattle by Haulin' Colin who now owns
We also stock them!

Below is the original version, many of which are still in use!

Here is how to hook up a remote lever to your Xtracycle Kickback Cenerstand on a Surly Big Dummy:

Use a V-brake lever.

Use a Problem Solvers 'Backstop' clamp-on cable stop. Size is 1 1/2".

A modified bottom bracket cable stop.

Bend a small loop in a spoke and use a cantilever straddle cable hanger with a hole drilled for the spoke head.

This lever was installed on Sean Herring's Big Dummy the 'Bongo Bike'

A very cool Skull-themed xtracycle we built on a SOMA Buena Vista

Xtracycle Super Monkey

It is possible to put your Xtracycle on the bus.


Brian Cross

Robert Snell

Brian Todd

Sandra Fischer

Steven Stern

Laurie Zettler

Mike Morris

Jason Gray

Dan Gebler


Michael Mazzoni
Note the new handlebars for a more comfortable position.

Michael Mazzoni
Note the new handlebars for a more comfortable position.

Gregg Sundin (ABR Manager)

Don Miller

Marcia Miller

Carolyn & Son

Mike & Family (second Xtracycle!)

Mike & Son

Paul & Son

Forrest's Big Dummy

Jim McCaa

Eric Soderlund

Vern Henley

Example of a 700C hybrid bike converted.
26" wheels are recommended for larger loads because they are stronger.

Aaron Goss

John Livengood

Penny Stone

Morgan Scherer

Gregg Sundin

Barry Shuman

Tom Zgonc

Nate Boxer (Original, stock)

Nate Boxer (with new riser bars for awesome cool comfort and control)

Gypsie Goss

Morgan Friedland

Ethan Hugg

David Newell

Sawyer Hoverter

Sean MacLean

Tacy Bigelow

Aaron's Fixed Xtracycle Quick-Release Convertable

Peter Mason

Tom Ahearn

David Fitton

Ro Cooper

Cyn and Mike's new "Car"

Mike O'Donnell

Gerry Jones

Things Friends have hauled:

Compost Bin

Books to the Goodwill

Things we have hauled:

Craftsman Roll-Away

Hauling a 4 x 6

Braxton's Lemonade Stand.

Captain America road bike.

Bunch of bike frames.

185 pounds of cardboard recycling to the transfer station.

Vacuum and other stuff.

Telescope in a case.

Case with a telescope.

Tow a montain bike.

A 10' x 10' pop-up tent and other gear.

A car's spare flat tire.

Close-up of car seat.

A kid in a modified car seat.

A kid trailer (Burley brand).

Custom hitch detail.

An 8 foot copper pipe.


A bookshelf.

An old Schwinn.

A computer tower.

LARGE wooden crate.

Haul people!

Braxton on a demo bike at


Live Tannenbaum

Pedal Car

Two reporters from Momentum Magazine came to Seattle and Val the Uber-Cargo Hauler brought them some bikes to ride.

Xtracycle Free Radical Reinforcements

Super Tongue Repair for Tall Bike
We painted it red because tongues are red!
Note, making the tongue too "tall" can cause interference with some front derailleurs.