Bicycle Workbench Rental.

Fix it yourself!

Workstand, tools, supplies (grease, oil, shop towels) and a little guidance*** are included in the workbench rental fee. We assume you already know how to fix bikes but just don't have the tools with you. Perfect for a vacationing bicycle mechanic from another town.

Cost: $20 per hour

Workspace Hours: Anytime, on a space available basis (The middle of a Saturday in the summer is bad)
Please call the shop or stop by to see if the space is available. Emails are not timely and will most likely not get answered in a timely manner.

Special Appointments (or after hours time) may be arranged on a case by case basis. For example a wrench party for a club. $150 for up to 6 people for 3 hours (and you supply the beverages!). Wrench parties are staffed by one or more helpful mechanics. Call the shop to set one up, we always like parties!

If you just want to borrow tools, please know it is a serious faux pas to EVEN ASK at any bike shop!
NO GOOD SHOP LOANS TOOLS! (a 6 pack of beer in hand may allow us to ignore this strict industry standard for small tools)
The West Seattle Tool Library has a limited selection of bike tools you can use for free.

*** We are serious about this: Two questions maximum! The rental repair bench use is NOT for instruction. We assume that you know enough to do basic repair and maintenance. You are free to look up specifications and procedures in our extensive shop library or online. For more intensive lessons or assistance, our standard labor fee for the repair or maintenance is charged.

We do not offer repair classes at this time but Wright Brother's does.

The below picture is from our old shop's customer bench with limited tools and when the rate was only $10, now you get to use one of our professional complete benches (some specific technical tools excluded)! Our shop is one of the most well equipped you will ever find. We most likely have every tool you could possibly need. TDC freewheel? Check. Internal geared hub cone remover? Check! The bench you will use is pictured behind our Staff.