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Have a women's cycling question or issue? Have a sports injury? Want to know how to keep riding during pregnancy? Doing your first trathlon?
Come in and let us answer your questions!

Ask Gypsie (, she is a Licenced Massage Practitioner, mother and cyclist!

Lets get girls back on bicycles!

     Our Clean Bathroom

Our clean bathroom!

We sponsor a Girls Softball Team every year. We believe girls should do sports to help their self-image and esteem. Riding a bike will do it too. If you know a girl that might be interested in bicycle racing check out Marymoor Velodorme Association. If you are new to cycling, Cycle University can teach you how to ride, or help you improve your skills or get ready for a specific event.

Wall of Women Posters

Our wall of all women posters. Everthing from 1880's advertisements to current downhill mountain bike champion Anne-Caroline Chausson.

Aaron's Bicycle Repair UNDERSTANDS women's needs.

We have over 10 different womens seats to choose from and with our Comfort Guaranteed Seat Policy you can try out different seats 'til you find the right fit! Our Customer Lauren Carter

We are experts at making your bike fit better and can offer you advice on handlebars, stems, grips and brake levers. Components come in many different sizes and even a small change can make riding more comfortable. We utilize the Fit Kit as a guide, but temper it with our own knowledge, experience and your need for comfort verses performance. The Fit Kit Charts were designed around the average person. Many women, however, have short torsos and arms. We take that into account. Flexability is and important factor also. Part of the Fit Kit is positioning of the pedal, seat and knee in relation to the center of the pedal. This works for any person. However, the bicycle's top tube and stem are the biggest factors to consider for a comfortable fit. Contact, our women's fit expert, for an appointment. Here is our Fit Price List Danskin Triathlon

When you bring your bike in for repair, we assess your bike for needed repairs, give you our recommendations, WE LISTEN to your needs and then we both come to an agreement on what will be done to your bike. There is never a hard sell or pressure to do more than you can afford or want. You have final say in what repairs are to be done. When recommending repair we try to get a feel for what kind and how much riding is going to be done, and what you expect out of your bike. Ann Grande

Take this common example: You bring in your bike after it has been sitting for a while. You notice both tires are flat and there are small cracks in the tire rubber. Many shops will sell you new tires and tubes if you ask (sometimes if you don't!) The fact is those cracks are usually cosmetic and pose no problem at all. The tire casing underneath is just fine, and in most cases the inner tubes will hold air too. All that is needed is to pump up the tires. We have seen bicycles that have been sitting for 10, 20 even 30 years and the tires and tubes are still good! We save you MONEY and the plant's RESOURCES at the same time!!!!!

A note from the webmaster: I hope both men and women find this page and this site useful. That is what is all about.......information!

Amy and Gypsie after the Tri Tastin & Racin Triathlon at Lake Sammamish State Park.

Gypsie in the 2001 Danskin Triathlon