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Simple Chain Bikes

These include fixed gear, single speed, BMX, Internal hub, 1x1, etc.


Amanda Rychel's Ladies Raleigh Sturmey-Archer 5 Speed with Rod-to-Drum Brakes

Rivendell Atlantis with NuVinci 360

Custom Basket Bike with Sram Dual Drive

Custom Basket Bike with Sram i-Motion 9

Reconditioned Schwinn with SRAM P5 Coaster Brake

Reconditioned Schwinn with SRAM S7 Coaster Brake

Reconditioned Schwinn with Sturmey-Archer 5 Speed

Giant "LaFree" Electic bike with SRAM S7 with i-brake

Miyata touring bike with custom drilled 48 spoke Rohloff and Hebie Chainglider

Novara sport road bike with Sram S7, rear SRAM i-brake, Sturmey-Archer 90mm Dynamo-Drum front and Hebie Chainglider

Custom Leapfrog Electra Townie

Morris' Quickbeam

Marti's ultra-light Litespeed city bike with SRAM i-Motion 9 with custom Rossman light steel fork.

Peter's Litespeed city bike with SRAM i-Motion 9

Upgraded Torker Graduate: Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tires, Hebie Chainglider, Lower gears for Seattle 38 x 22T and a better front mud flap.

SOMA Mixtie

Adam's Ultra low-maintenance commuter fixie.

Highlights: Sturmey Archer 90 mm Dynamo-Drum brake front hub and LED lighting (always on with no drag). Surly sealed bearing fixed gear rear hub. No rear brake. 46 x 18 = 69 gear inches. Schwalbe Marathon Plus Flatless tires. Single butted 13-14 gauge Phil Wood spokes in the rear. 36 spokes front and rear.

Steve's new weather-proof low-maintenance commuter rig.

Highlights: Sealed cartridge bearings throughout. Sturmey Archer Dynamo-Drum brake front hub and LED lighting (always on with no drag). SRAM Spectro 7 speed internally geared rear hub with drum brake. This gives the same gear range as a standard road bike without the super high down hill racing speeds. Ask youself, at what speed are you OK with just coasting? 30 MPH? Internal gears give you that. This chart compares gear ratios. The SRAM S7 hub is very similar in gear ratios to the Shimano Nexus 8. Hebie Chainglider fully enclosed chaincase. Oil your chain once a year! Schwalbe Marathon Plus Flatless tires.
The goal was a bike that needs very little day to day maintenance. Bring it by the shop once a year, and maybe it will need a service. One thing is certian, you will not be spending hundreds of dollars replacing your worn out rims and gears every year. Modern 9, 10 and even 11 speed racing bike drivetrains just do not hold up to Seattle's winters.

Stewart and his 2-speed Surly Cross-Check

Aaron's Colnago Fixed Gear Xtracycle
The cog on the downtube is for added DANGER!

Wynn Track Bike with Custom Bell Brake

Dean and his custom "3-speed" single/flip-flop Strong with White Industries and Phil drivetrain.
By far the smooooooothest drivetrain you will ever feel!

Jeff's custom drum brake, SRAM 7 Speed internal gear with 650A (590mm) wheels on a formerly 27" wheeled Fuji frameset.

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