Mikey Herring


Married with no kids, adoring wife, Mel.

Rides: Azonic Sabre

Commute to work: 2 blocks!

Favorite bike part: Disc Brakes

Favorite animal: Cat

Favorite food: Good

Worst ride moment: Falling in stinging nettles for the first time!
Runner-up: Leaving an imprint of his face itn the dirt.

Best ride moment: Which one?

Mikey came to us from Hilo Bike Hub in Hilo, Hawai'i on the Big Island. His brain is like an encyclopedia of bike specifications. He is a master mechanic with over 10 years experience. Your bike is in great hands with Mike. This guy LOVES bicycles. I (Aaron) have even caught him cleaning old worn out parts just to see the wear and learn from them.

Mikey has a passion rarely seen these days. He says coming to work is not work. His desire to learn and make things better is a great asset to the shop. He is the spirit of the bike! He will treat your bike like his own, and boy does he love his own bike. Your bike will run like never before.