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Alex Synodis-Butler

Status: Single

Rides: 1975 Custom Green Schwinn Breeze

Commute to work: 3.2 miles

Favorite bike part: Colored Tires

Favorite animal: Horses

Favorite food: All of it!

Worst ride moment: Hills!

Best ride moment: Riding in the dark in the summer.

Miss Alex born in the great state of Texas moved to Seattle at a very young age. So young, in fact, she doesn't even remember! Alex's main interests are "How do I look?" and "Will there be boys there?" Oh, and she digs working on bikes. Actually she is true renassaiance woman. Besides bikes, her other interests/skills are Equestrian Hunter-Jumper Riding, Guitar & Ukulele and Classical Dance. She also spent her Junior year in Spain and is fluent is Espanol. She will be attending Wester Washington Univeristy in the Fall. We hope to have her back to work the summer of 2013!